Shutter House

Shutter House, designed by State of Kin, is a celebration of vibrant colour, rich textures, light and shadow. Positioned proudly opposite Lake Monger and designed to capture the lake views artfully, Shutter House redefines living in this much sought after location.

State of Kin were named in Vogue Living’s inaugural VL50 list for 2021.

Sold Price
State Of Kin
Shutter House

A powerful partnership. A record result.

ZSA ZSA Property was engaged to sell State of Kin’s flagship project, Shutter House on Lake Monger Drive.

We crafted a tailored and targeted campaign, which included a strong digital presence, as well as curated events.

The result: a record sales price for Wembley.


3 words to describe Danielle?

“Driven, passionate, informed.”

Why Danielle?

“With the kind of work that we do, it’s very curated and very design focused, and we needed a person on board that could respect that curation and translate that to market.

The project required a unique strategy and a unique sale to get a unique price.”

Were you ever worried the house would be under sold?

“We never felt that Shutter House would be under valued, no. We felt very, very comfortable with Danielle.”

What was it like working with Danielle?

“She was just so warm and personable and just really relatable. She never came across like a “real estate agent”.

We didn’t have to think about anything, we didn’t have to worry about how it was all going or following her up. She was really attentive and such a good communicator, and let us know how everything was going every step of the way.

It was just a breeze – She just fit right into the mould, the “kin”.”

– Alessandra and Ara, State of Kin

20200211_SOK_Shutter House_089
Danielle is an enabler for pushing beautiful architecture across Perth. She is a voice to help translate that message to market.
Ara Salomone
State of Kin

Photography credit Jack Lovel and Sophie Pearce