Summertime & the CityNovember 01

As a self-confessed lover of lifestyle and a resident of the city for 11 years, I find it pretty easy to talk to anyone about the benefits of inner city living. And now that Summer is almost upon us and the days are getting longer, it’s the time of year that the inner city really begins to shine and the living is easy.

Naturally I could go on forever about the long list of more practical perks that make inner city living attractive (Ok, in brief – the convenience factor, being central to everything, apartment living, less need for a car, smaller carbon footprint, everything is at your doorstep, you can walk/ride almost anywhere, fantastic recreational options etc etc), but it’s also the intangible qualities that I find really attractive about inner city living this time of year.

By ‘intangible’ I’m referring to the energy, the ‘buzz’ that’s created in the inner city areas – where culture meets creativity and everything comes to life. The inner city becomes a creative lifestyle hub and it’s energy is infectious if you tune into it. Cultures collide, the lane-ways are alive, the streets are full of people, cafes are humming, arts festival programs begin, buskers are out in force, pop-up stores are a plenty and people finally take time out in their busy work schedules to chill out and really enjoy this beautiful city of ours.

Whether you’re a city dweller or not, now is the prefect time to get out amongst it and be seduced by the city’s charm.

To get your dose of the buzz, check out some of our favourite destinations and see for yourself.

Brookfield Place
Prince Lane
Howard Lane
Grand Lane
William Street
Perth Cultural Centre
Northbridge Piazza
State Theatre Centre
Beaufort Street


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