Julia Stanley / Rebecca Davis

What do you love about Perth culture?

Jules: I would say it’s the laid-back way most of us live our lives here. And I love all the amazing communities we have amongst some of our suburbs, that’s what really makes a difference to everyday life.

Bec: Would have to be how relaxed the majority of us all are.  I have 3 little boys so the relaxed vibe makes it a perfect place to raise kids.

What is your perfect Perth day?

Jules: We love to take our 2 daughters out for breakfast – the all-time favourite is John St Cafe in Cottesloe followed by morning at the beach then ice cream. As you can see a lot of our life revolves around food…

Bec: Bike ride to Boubar or Boucla for breakfast with my boys (& husband Brad of course). I secretly (or not so secretly) may have a bit of a competitive streak so absolutely love competitive sport. Watching  them all play 3 separate games of football (Aussie Rules of course) fills me with joy.  Too much footy is barely enough.

What is your number one dining or night spot?

Jules: It has to be Cantina in Mt Lawley… for pan fried gnocchi every time. The food and wine at Cantina is always sooooooooo good, lots of good times had here.

Bec: I always love a caprioska or 2 at The Subi Hotel.  The food and service is always reliable and not too complicated – I hate food that is too fancy.

What is your go-to coffee spot?

Jules: Cantina Mt Lawley and Boucla in Subiaco

Bec: Elixer, Boubar.

What is your hidden gem in Perth? 

Jules: Juanita’s Bar in Subiaco. Everything about this place is just gold!!! Such an awesome relaxed vibe, amazing platters of incredible food and of course great wine.
Oh and one more recent discovery near Peachy  MUST be mentioned – Sue Lewis Artisan Chocolatier in Shenton Park (couple doors around corner from Peachy). These chocolates are seriously the best I’ve ever had… Stunning flavours and finishes in teeny tiny batches. And the BEST hot chocolate…

Bec: Boucla for their feta & spinach scrambled eggs – I’m easy to please.

What can’t you live without?

Jules: As much as I love to sneak out for dinner I do love coming home to my beautiful girls and my husband (and my pillow shhhhh!!!!!!). And chocolate. Dark.

Bec: My boys (3 under 12 and my husband).

What music are you listening to right now?

Jules: Listening to a bit of Phoenix and Grimes at Peachy and still in love with Lana del Rey. I know everyone has probably moved on from Lana but I don’t think I ever will!!

Bec: Guns N Roses – Appetite for Destruction.

Who or what has inspired you recently? 

Jules: We’ve met so many fabulous and inspiring people since we opened Peachy – we are just loving getting up in the morning these days!!!

Bec: I am always conscience of being a good role model to my boys.  We always encourage them to get up and have a go.  Really anybody who puts themselves out of their comfort zone I admire and am inspired by. I once read that your life is your message to the world – make sure its inspiring.  Love that.  Because after all you only live once.

Where is your travel destination of choice?  

Jules: The Amalfi Coast, Italy. Words can’t possibly describe how spectacular it is here. We missed going to Ravello last time and I’ve been thinking about it ever since…

Bec: New York.

If you could have a coffee with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Jules: Definitely Sofia Coppola, she is a genius. Her movies are just perfection to me, we even named our daughter after a beautiful character in her first film. She’s such a cool cat… such an intriguing life!!

Bec: Somebody who makes me laugh – I cannot stand people who take themselves too seriously– and probably a vodka or 2 instead of coffee – might make the conversation more interesting.