2014 Year of the HorseFebruary 05

“Gong Xi Fa Cai” to all of our clients, friends and family! 2014 marks the year of the wooden horse in Chinese astrology and is said to be a powerful, energetic year – one of making good, strong decisions. Those native to the year of the horse are clever, energetic, strong minded and sociable people and their year will gallop along. For other signs in the zodiac, the year of the horse is said to bring energy, but we are warned to take care that this energy doesn’t turn into conflict. People will be standing firm in their principles and fighting for what they believe!

Sounds like we’re in for an exciting year! Apparently the most compatible signs for the horse are the Tiger, Sheep and Dog. So as I fall into the Dog category (astrologically speaking of course!), I’m thinking I should be good to go this year. Bring it on!

Chinese New Year is such a celebratory and colourful time and one that I treasure on a personal level. I’ve been surrounded by Chinese culture much of my life, having many Chinese friends and clients and from a very young age, I immersed myself in the Chinese marital arts (Kung Fu particularly). I have also travelled to China on numerous occasions, exploring Shanghai, Guangzhou (Canton) and of course, Hong Kong and have a deep affinity with the East.

There’s a real feeling of nostalgia I get when I stroll through Chinatown and the streets of Northbridge this time of year. The buildings are adorned with red lanterns and gold accents, fire crackers go off intermittently and there’s often a traditional lion dance happening somewhere. I just love it.

If you want to get amongst the action and celebrate the Year of the Horse, there’s a number of options available. Here’s a few for you…

Chinatown is a great place to head to if you want to enjoy a traditional new year meal with friends (a favourite is Uncle Billy’s). You’ll be guaranteed a lion dance or two!

Northbridge will also host a free family-friendly Chinese New Year Festival celebration this Sunday, 9th February. For further details head here.

Or for a touch of sophistication and glamour, Crown Perth is hosting a number of fabulous feasts and events until February 13th. For further details head here.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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