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There are few apartment buildings in the Perth CBD that can boast a reputation quite like the iconic Box Building. Since its completion in 2001, ‘Box’ as it’s otherwise known, has been the subject of a City of Perth heritage design award, been featured in architectural and lifestyle magazines and has been home to many well known Perth personalities. And now in 2013, Box still holds its ‘title’ as one of Perth’s most design forward city apartment buildings of its time and remains on the city’s hot list of sought after addresses.

Bright red boxes, stainless steel, terrazzo floors and lofty three metre high ceilings are all signature design features that Box is known for; features that proved so popular they’ve been copied and incorporated many times since into homes and apartment buildings around Perth. The building’s architect, Jean-mic Perrine, is said to have based elements of the Box Building’s design on a factory conversion he completed in Subiaco that showcased similar features. The end result was a thoughtful urban expression of what sophisticated inner city living should be.

With only 30 apartments in the development, Box Building retains its appeal to those who seek a more intimate city environment. The residences are in the majority, one and two bedroom apartments, with a handful of three bedroom residences, two Sub-Penthouses and one Penthouse, which proudly occupies the entire eleventh floor.

The Box Building was created at the beginning of a pivotal time of growth for the West End precinct; a time that saw the emergence of the West End as a self sustaining lifestyle village that supported a then relatively infant residential community. With its fashionable presence and popular small bar at its foot (then, Box Deli), Box became like an anchor that encouraged further development in the area and the establishment of retail and hospitality based businesses.

I’ve had the good fortune of not only participating in a record number of sales at Box Building, but as a lover of architecture and design, I have also called this award winning building home since its unveiling. Not many people comfortably stay at one address for this long and I am sure one day the time will come to move on. However one thing I can say with absolute conviction, is that Box Building is a true champion and will in my opinion, always be one of the best that was built in the City of Perth.


Photographs Copyright of ZSA ZSA Property.

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