Our Vision

ZSA ZSA Property is a client-focused agency dedicated to elevating industry standards and changing the way in which people perceive and experience the world of real estate.

Disassociating from the common real estate model, ZSA ZSA Property envisions itself as more than just a real estate agency – it’s a lifestyle company, committed to enriching the lives of its clients and fostering a culture of community, innovation and style.

We wanted to create an agency that bridged the gap between property and lifestyle – Why? Because we understand our clients and understand you’re not just buying or selling a property, it’s also about a lifestyle.

ZSA ZSA Property provides its clients with the highest level of service and leverages the most emergent technologies and strategies into tailor made sales and marketing solutions.

We also believe in doing things differently. We employ only the most sophisticated marketing techniques that we believe represent our clients and the industry to the highest possible standards.

Most importantly, we are focused on building long lasting relationships. We believe the key to creating long-term success for our clients and as a company is in the nurturing of relationships and helping our clients realise their aspirations.

In 2014, ZSA ZSA Property won the Anthill Magazine Cool Company Award for “Coolest New Business” – a coveted national entrepreneurial award that recognises businesses across all industries for being outstanding in the following areas: innovation, entrepreneurship, youthful attitude, reinvention, creativity and having that “X-Factor”.